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Laser laboratory

Referent: dr. eng. Piero De Fazio - - tel. 0835-974609

The laser laboratory, managed by the Consortium CALEF, has:

  • a CO2 laser 6 kW with workstation  made by a moving system with 3 degrees of freedom x, y, z for small prototypes or, alternatively, by a robotic system for components with complex geometry;
  • a CO2 laser 1.8 kW with workstation portal for large components  (3 x 2 meters);
  • a CO2 laser 10 kW with a station gantry for large components (3 x 2 meters);

Solid state laser Nd-YAG 2 kW, with a workstation made by a portal system of medium size (1x0.8 meters) or, alternatively, by a small robotic system for the realization of complex trajectories;

In the lab are also present:

  • Mechanical Workshop for the preparation of the parts to work and the development of components for laser systems (laser welding head, nozzle, locking systems, shading systems, etc..)
  • Metallographic a Laboratory for the analysis of results and consequent development of the manufacturing process of metallic materials;
  • Study of a microscope equipped with LEICA DMRE microscopes (stereo, with magnifications from 25X to 1000X) and Olympus (stereoscopic magnification from 2X to 40X), with a camera system and digital acquisition system, and Microdurometer Zwick, for testing the hardness HV , HRC, HB.